Chamberlain Day 3

Chapter 17 – This poem “Chamberlain Day 3” focuses on the 20th Maine on top of Big Round Top on the morning of July 3rd. From the top of Big Round Top, Colonel Chamberlain hears skirmishers firing at Bliss Farm. Third day of battle has begun.

by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

Chamberlain Day 3  Joshua Chamberlain

Chapter 17 – Chamberlain Day 3


He climbed a tree

Watched the day come

On the summit of Big Round Top

With the rising sun


Sky thick and gray

Smell of humidity and heat

Mist through the ridges

White steam replete


On the gray crest

He could look directly down

Gunners by cannons black

On that Little Top Round


There were lights all along

The Union line winding

Horses moving here and there

More troops arriving


The morning air was still

Hardly any wind

Smell of strong coffee wafting

Rigor mortis stench partly rescind


No more food

All rations were gone

As the 20th ME awoke

To the coming of dawn


They were still the end

Of the Union flank

The left of the left

On a very steep bank


Still ready and determined

To hold this position

If they could just get some more

Desperately needed ammunition


Then Northwest of the Round Tops

Beneath the early summer sun

At Bliss Farm skirmishers began firing

Third day of battle had begun 


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