Army of Potomac

Chapter 2 – This poem focuses on the Army of Potomac marching north to encounter and defeat the Army of Northern Virginia. These two armies will meet at Gettysburg, PA.

by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

george meade General George Meade

Chapter 2 – Army of Potomac Pursues


Late in June

Slow but resolute

Army of Potomac

Deploys into Maryland in pursuit


80,000 a polyglot mass

With accents strange

Different religions

Reflecting the change


Of a nation of immigrants

Dissimilar last volunteers

Preservers of Union

States United revered


Irish, Germans

and the Garibaldi Guard

With Yankees all

Ready to fight hard


Painful defeats many

They have seen

No faith in leaders

But in themselves fighting spirits gleam


To fight the last battle

They heed the call

To defeat Robert E. Lee

Once and for all


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