Buford Night 1

Chapter 9 – This poem, Night 1, focuses on General John Buford’s thoughts the night of July 1st. He learns that General Meade has finally arrived. He also realizes that Union forces will have a tactical advantage now that they have secured Cemetery Hill. Throughout the night Union forces fortify it with breastworks and cannon.

Written by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

johnbuford General Buford Gettysburg Monument

Chapter 10 – Night 1

On Cemetery Hill

Late that night

Buford watched swinging picks

In the bright star light


On his horse sitting

Listening to the sound

Of shovels striking

Digging up the ground


Cloudless sky warm

Bright shining moon

Union Army kept arriving

All be here soon


Shot once in the left arm

Trying to feign

Arm wrapped up under coat

In continuous pain


All along the ridge

He saw caissons rolling

Cannons being placed

Very consoling


He stumbled upon the Union headquarters

Where argument was vehement

Exactly who was in command?

Was stirring quite an argument


General Howard or Hancock?

Most wanted “Winfield the Superb”

Over one-armed Howard

To guide them at Gettysburg


Howard was the Senior Officer

But Winfield had orders from Mead

Old Win was the chosen one

It must be he who leads


He finally got his orders

Just as Meade arrived

The Commander was here

Union forces revived


For tomorrow at dawn

New battle would ensue

High ground was theirs

Favoring the Boys of Blue


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