Chamberlain Day 2

Chapter 10 – This poem “Chamberlain Day 2” focuses on the 20th Maine Volunteers, led by Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, before they get to Little Round Top. They hear the battle raging in the distance.

by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

Chamberlain Day 2  Colonel Joshua Chamberlain

Chapter 11 – Chamberlain 2nd Day – July 2nd, 1863 


His men from Maine

Chomping on hardtack

Sat in an open field

Tired but ready to attack


Then orders came from Meade

As their coffee did boil

“Prepare for battle

Enemy on soil”


The regiment advanced

Right shoulder shift arms

Twentieth Maine marched

Through the fields of a farm


Looking down the line

Chamberlain saw a long blue wave

Shouldered rifles gleaming

So many men brave  


On through a cornfield

On the right was high ground

Came upon a brook

Muddy water already fouled


On the far side of the brook

They came upon a broad road

Union wagons moving forward

Carrying heavy loads


Beyond the road broad

Was a rise of rugged ground

Off in the distance booming

Cannons did pound


Noses then wrinkled

Smelling drifting odor of death

Invisible hovering haze

Cloud of men’s last breaths


Still early in the day

Long time till darkness of night

Plenty of time for Warrior Angels

To fight for what is right


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