Chapter 3

by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

Chapter 3  – This poem is about a Confederate spy, Henry Thomas Harrison, who sees the Army of Potomac heading north to Gettysburg. He rides to the Confederate headquarters to tell General Longstreet and General Lee about their approach.

Harrison-1- Henry Thomas Harrison

Chapter 3 – The Spy Reveals


It was Sunday

June 28th, 1863

Longstreet’s spy Harrison

Did happen to see


The Union Army emerging

Out of Maryland’s green hills

Marching into the valley

Yellowish dust did fill


Soon settled by rains

The smoke did fade

Revealing John Reynold’s

I Corps Iron Brigade


As the June Sun

Took its spot

The day became

Sun stroke hot


Yet still they moved fast

Snaking around

Maryland’s far North

By Taneytown


The spy knew right away

He needed to warn

Longstreet and Lee

Of this Union swarm


So, without hesitation

He mounted his steed

Riding north

With deliberate speed


Into Pennsylvania

His horse tired and strained

Still galloped fast

Through afternoon’s blistering rain


Onto Chambersburg

Where he would find

Lee’s headquarters

To warn him in time


Approaching the picket line

In the middle of night

Always reason

To have a little fright


By guard they took

Him to General Longstreet

The “Old War Horse”

He was eager to meet


Bearded, wild hair

Big and spry

Arose from his cot

To hear the spy


Alarmed and surprised

“How could it be?”

No news had come

From J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry


How was it possible

For an entire Army to hide?

Stuart must be out

On another joy ride


Longstreet believed him

The spy completed his mission

Telling Robert E. Lee

About the Army of Potomac’s position


Lee also learned

Hooker had been replaced by Meade

An opportunity

If they moved with speed


So, at the first of light

Lee gave the word

They were all marching

Off to Gettysburg!


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One of the main reasons the battle was fought at Gettysburg is that it is the hub of a network of roads feeding in from all angles.

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