Chapter 15

Written and Narrated by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

Chapter 15 – This poem, General Lee Night Before Second Day at Gettysburg, focuses on General Robert E. Lee‘s thoughts the night of July 1st, 1863. He is very upset that the Confederates had not attacked Union forces on Cemetery Hill earlier that day.

385px-Robert_E_Lee_in_1863 General Robert E. Lee

Chapter 15 – General Lee Night Before Second Day at Gettysburg


Lee rode north through town

Out the Cashtown road (Chambersburg Pike now U.S. 30)

Joy was all around him

Emotions high did show


Some men yelled and whooped

As Lee passed by

Pride was on their faces

Boys starry eyed


Tears streamed down their faces

For the dead and the cause

Lee touched his hat nodding

They broke into applause


Lee went to the farmhouse headquarters

Ewell, Early, and Rodes were there

He was really missing General Jackson

For him now he could only say a prayer


Jackson would not have stopped

When the Blue were on the run

He would have taken that hill

Made sure the job was done


The eerie hill lay to the southeast

Against the evening sky

“Why did they not take it?

They didn’t even try”


Ewell said it wasn’t practical

Many reasons to wait

No word from A.P Hill came

And it was getting very late


They were also waiting for “Alleghany” Johnson

Couldn’t bring batteries to bear

Had seen a lot of fighting

Already had seen their share


Ewell stumped his wooden leg

Rodes stared at the ground

Early explained the situation

The Union now had high ground


General Trimble told Lee

He wanted to take the hill

And beyond lay another hill

Unoccupied still


But Ewell would not budge

They had done enough for one day

The problem was tomorrow’s

With many lives they’d have to pay


This advantageous high ground

Was called Cemetery Hill

Union Blue now digging in

Getting ready for the kill


For tomorrow the Rebels

Pay dearly for each yard

Charging uphill into cannon fire

Thousands dying hard


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