Chapter 24

by Christopher Rudolph © 2015

Chapter 24 – This poem, General Robert E Lee Night Before 3rd Day, focuses on Lee’s meeting with General J.E.B. Stuart upon his return. Lee also reflects on the lack of progress made on the 2nd day by Ewell, and Rodes. We also see Lee planning his battle strategy for the 3rd day.


General Robert E Lee                      General J.E.B. Stuart

Chapter 24 – General Robert E Lee Night Before 3rd Day at Gettysburg


Lee summoned J.E.B Stuart

For him he had harsh words

He had left the army blind

Before the battle at Gettysburg


Court Martial for him? No

But a lesson needed to be learned

Stuart let his commander down

Orders can not be spurned


No time to be vindictive

But Lee was very much concerned

He must never do it again

With that the meeting adjourned


Then reports came to him

Ewell’s performance was poor

Not up to the job

To be commanding a Corps


Ewell’s attack unsuccessful

The rebels were beat

Rodes didn’t attack at all

Regiments remained in the streets


General Early attacked at dusk

Attempting to seize Cemetery Hill

Louisiana Tigers got no support

Despite their do or die will


That night Lee ordered Ewell

To resume the attack at first light

They couldn’t sit on the sidelines

In the morning they’d better fight


Lee now realized

Ewell or Hill couldn’t command

Oh, how he longed for Jackson

His bold Right Hand


Longstreet was reliable

His Old War Horse

And Pickett was fresh

He could count on them of course


Now where to attack?

He started to think

The hour was late

No time to blink


Union wings were strong

Lee thought for sure he knew

Their center was weak

That’s where they’d break through


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